Start of exhibitions and podcast launch

Start of exhibitions and podcast launch

The great majority of the exhibitions and installations in the 13th Rencontres de la photographie en Gaspésie are now accessible to visitors in 12 municipalities, towns and national parks on the peninsula. Under the theme Radical Hope, they show the work of 16 Québec-based and international artists, and are being presented until September 30, 2022. For more information on the exhibits and artists, consult:

Rencontres is picking up where it left off last year by presenting season 2 of Photo Gaspésie rencontres – The Podcast, produced by Maïté Samuel-Leduc (Gaspé). As a complement to a number of exhibitions and installations, these new episodes offer a foray into the world of 11 of the artists taking part in this 13th edition. “On 11 exhibit sites, visitors will find a sign with a QR code directing them to an episode in which the exhibiting artist talks about his or her approach and work,” explains Rencontres’ executive and artistic director, Claude Goulet.

Each podcast episode is completed by a musical piece inspired by a work of the artist concerned. Those pieces are composed by some 10 musicians, for the most part hailing from the Gaspé: Matt Boudreau, François Clavet (Spacey Koala), Richard Dunn, Gaëtan Essiambre, Justine Fournier, Edaï Larobina, Luan Larobina, Monsieur Nokturn (Olivier Brien), Bidoux (Sam Robidoux) and Virage Sonore. To access the series of podcasts, consult:

Rencontres on Tour

From August 17 to 20, 2022, this one-of-a-kind event, at the heart of Rencontres, will bring visitors, artists and the local population together for public encounters on the subject of creation: open-air screenings, discussions with the artists, guided exhibition tours, and more. See the program at

Top image : © Photogaspesie |  View of the exhibition Roadside lights, by the artist Eiji Ohashi, presented in the town of Maria