Rencontres and Diaphane, pôle photographique en Hauts-de-France launched an international artistic-exchange platform in 2015. It emphasizes international exploration and dissemination by offering a program of exchange residencies and exhibitions.

2015-2017: Gaspésie-Picardie pour la photographie

2017-2019: Territoires imprimés: exhibitions, publications and exchange residencies

2019-2021: Territoires numériques: exhibitions and residencies in digital arts.

2021-2022: Intersection of disciplines (literature, photo/video) and digital territories

Territoires imprimés: a magazine for 4 years of exchange residencies



Cortona on the move

Rencontres’ partnership with this Italian contemporary-photography festival, begins in 2022. The collaboration will focus on among other things an exchange residency project involving Italian and Québec artists.



NoRoutine Books

Rencontres initiated a partnership in 2019 with NoRoutine Books, the goal being to offer Québec and Lithuanian artists a dissemination platform. Founded in 2014 by artists Vilma Samulionytė and Gytis Skudžinskas, this independent Lithuanian publishing house designs and publishes exceptional books in the fine arts. Every edition is limited to 99 copies (+AP) and contains one-of-a-kind elements.


International France-Québec Partnership

Networking lies at the heart of Rencontres activities. Through it, our aim is to set up creation and exhibition platforms serving artists and contemporary creativity. It is in that perspective that we collaborate with France and that we are currently laying the groundwork for future collaborations with other countries.


TERRITOIRES NUMÉRIQUES (formerly TERRITOIRES IMPRIMÉS) is an international artistic-exchange program initiated in 2015 by Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie and Diaphane, pôle photographique en Hauts-de-France.

TERRITOIRES NUMÉRIQUES combines the strengths of the two partners, expands their dissemination networks and facilitates artist movement in order to develop new tools in the service of artists and of contemporary creation. Through these joint actions, Rencontres and Diaphane – resolutely committed to current creation and to its standing overseas – carry out one-of-a-kind initiatives in their respective regions while at the same time working towards a new, shared artistic space.


Concerted thinking by Rencontres and the Nantes-based organization Les PUI – Pratiques et Usages de l’Image on the subject of photography and the place of the book has given rise to various events (exhibitions, lectures) in France and Québec on the subject of the author photobook.