Normand Rajotte
in New Richmond



Normand Rajotte, Montréal (Québec) |

In the series Carcasse, Normand Rajotte once again enters the forest that he has been exploring for many years. Here, he reveals a timeless cycle of animal life, in which the death of some provides sustenance for others – how a deer may be reincarnated in crows, vultures, coyotes, and other denizens of the woods. How everything is always in motion and in the process of self-perpetuation.

One day, you’ll take a walk in a forest and everything will seem calm, nothing moving around you except a few singing birds, and you’ll see some bones scattered on the ground. After you learn this story, you’ll be able to imagine what happened. You’ll also understand that your presence simply interrupts, momentarily, the constant, restless activity of the animals who are watching you from afar and waiting for you to be on your way.

The images presented in the installation Carcasse are part of a corpus of photographs recorded by surveillance cameras from April 23, 2015, to March 14, 2016, at the foot of Mont Mégantic in southeast Québec.



Normand Rajotte is a Québec photographer whose intuitive approach is based on close observation; gradually, through his travels, he has redefined his relationship with nature. Over time, he has woven an intimate connection with a forest at the foot of Mont Mégantic, which he has been exploring for more than twenty years. The changes that he observes there go hand in hand with his own evolution and are transposed into his work. Because he returns to the same places, the challenge is to keep his eye fresh. And so, as he delves deeper, new pathways and discoveries open up. He becomes, in a way, the site’s witness and the guardian of traces of the presences captured in photographs.