Martin Becka
at Carleton-sur-Mer


End of Line

Vaste et Vague Artist Center | 774 Boulevard Perron | Carleton-sur-Mer (Carleton sector)

Martin Becka, Paris (France) |

Martin Becka traversed the Gaspé region following the trail of the railroad between the town of Gaspé and the Matapedia Valley. Using a view camera needing several hours for each shot, he shows us the route of that abandoned line, where present-day landscape and bygone architecture meet outside time.

He endeavors to capture buildings and architectures and to transfigure them in an esthetic with no temporal points of reference.


End of Line

A French artist-photographer with a background in photojournalism, Martin Becka has for a number of years concerned involved himself with a photography inspired by such older techniques as the view camera.

Entering the fragile places of chaos

CHAOS reflects on a planetary environment undergoing profound change. Affecting both towns and nature, chaos operates in a more muted way in jeopardized areas: northern aboriginal territories captured by Elena Perlino and Éli Laliberté; tourism in India, by Martin Parr; accelerated urbanization in Brooklyn studied by Mathilde Forest and Mathieu Gagnon; or in the Gaspé Peninsula, the marks of a long-gone mining operation or a railroad documented by Myriam Gaumond and Martin Becka. Together, they are all revealing of those threats that pervade the landscape and the existence of each one of us today.