Alessandra Calò
in New Richmond



Alessandra Calò, Reggio Emilia (Italie) |


“Kochan is a name. He’s the protagonist of a decades-old Japanese novel, like a travel diary you take along to discover the identity and body of the protagonist. Kochan is also the name of my photographic project. I started it in 2016, when I discovered that the New York Public Library had put a large part of its archival documents online. The recovery and reinterpretation of old materials are the starting points of my research and artistic production. My work on archival materials allows me to create new universes and to tell new stories each time, as well as being a real ‘journey’ into the photographic image. I spent whole days among maps, manuscripts and letters. But it was the maps that attracted me, and accompanied by their signs and their tracks, I decided to combine them with a series of self-portraits. In this project, like Kochan himself, I tried to imagine the journey that each of us makes, to affirm yourself, considering the body as if it were a territory to be explored. It was not a simple path, because the relationship with your body is complex, and the journey we embark on is never taken for granted.” – Alessandra Calò

Exhibition at Rencontres


Alessandra Calò is an artist and photographer who’s been experimenting from the beginning of her career with the use of new languages that allow her to deepen her grasp of themes related to memory, identity, and to the language of photography itself. She is passionate about old print photographic processes. She has participated in international residencies, exhibitions and festivals, such as Fotografia Europea (Museum Parmiggiani, 2015, and Civic Museum, Reggio Emilia, 2022); Circulation(s) – Festival de la jeune photographie européenne (LeCentquatre-Paris, Paris, 2018); Voies Off (COSMOS, Arles, 2018); XIV Giornata del Contemporaneo (Italian Cultural Institute, Madrid, 2018); Raconte-moi une histoire (Italian Cultural Institute, Paris, 2018); and Photo d’Aix (Civic Museum, Aix-en-Provence, 2021).

She has realized several self-published photobooks. The latest, Secret Garden, by Danilo Montanari Editor, won a mention for the Marco Bastianelli Prize best photography book 2018.

Some of her artworks have been published in specialty magazines and acquired by private collections, foundations and museums.