Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras
at Carleton-sur-Mer



On the wall of the Jean Coutu pharmacy | 523 Boulevard Perron | Carleton-sur-Mer (Carleton sector)
Unveiling on August 18, 2017

Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras, Montreal, Québec |

Since 1999, Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras have been creating photographic works inspired by and testifying to the relationship of the individual with his or her living environment.

As much from the technical as from the relational point of view, they question the objectivity of the documentary as well as the relationship to reality of the photographic medium. Between 2011 and 2016 they were part of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec studio and workshop-residency program in Mexico City and in Colombia, then did a residency in the Gaspé in 2015. Between 2013 and 2017 they participated in Holland’s Noorderlicht Photofestival in Groningen, and in Manif d’art 8 – La Biennale de Québec. Their work has been published in the magazines Ciel variable, Art Actuel and Le Sabord, and they have had over 40 exhibits in Québec, elsewhere in Canada and in Latin America.



Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras asked for the participation of the citizens of Carleton-sur-Mer for an oral transmission of the stories and anecdotes that have helped build the identity of that town.

The collection of those stories inspired an immense mural in the form of a photomontage made up of old pictures found in participants’ albums, at Musée de la Gaspésie and in town archives. Tracadigash will be installed permanently in the park located on the seaside between the wharf and Route132.

Tracadigash is also visible on a website designed by Thibault Landel in collaboration with La Fabrique culturelle, allowing visitors to explore the mural’s details and to view the series of photographic animations. As a complement to the mural, these allegories create a dialogue between the physical work and the digital work.


Press review: ICI-Radio Canada August 18, 2017