Natacha Clitandre
in Paspébiac


Coastline ‒ appropriations

Natacha Clitandre, Montreal, Québec |

“In continuity with the photography that introduced the project and that was presented last year, what I’m proposing now is a series of photographs taken during my stay in the Gaspé in the spring of 2019. With Coastline I’m concerning myself with a non-urban context and deliberating over the way in which its various elements are modified by human intervention in the short, medium and long term ‒ in addition to observing how the forces that manifest themselves there cohabit.

“Tackling the transformation and artificialization of the coasts, this work is made up 360˚ pictures of different locations on the linear segment of Chaleur Bay (sea, geological strata, built-up horizon), associated with textual content. What I’m offering is spatiotemporal fragments, synthesized by objective data and subjective impressions. In so doing, I’m hoping to retrace a unique moment of a place as well as the experience I made of it and the one that was shared with me. Arranged with written content, the series will recount ‒ in an experimental and documentary way ‒ different scales based on which it is possible to read a maritime horizon.” Natacha Clitandre


Coastline ‒ appropriations

Natacha Clitandre earned a bachelor’s degree in visual arts from Université du Québec à Montréal in 2000. She then studied graphic design at the same university’s School of Design. In 2007 she did a master’s in the theory and practice of contemporary art and new media at Université Paris 8 and at École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (ENSAD), also in Paris. She additionally studied at Brown University and at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. Her works have been presented in Europe (Nantes, Paris, Brussels) and in North America (Montreal, Québec City, Laval, Paspébiac, Pittsburgh, New York, Baltimore). She lives and works in Montreal, where she is also programming coordinator for the artist-run center Studio XX and the HTMlles festival.