Marco Del Pra’
in Petite-Vallée


Time is not counted from Daylight but from Midnight

Marco Del Pra’, Italy/Germany |

The work of Marco del Pra’ is expressionist in nature, not starting from a defined initial project, but rather growing on itself during the various phases of the work. It is research of a procedural matrix, of great expressive strength in which there is no point trying to read, to interpret what we are facing. From the index matrix, typical of photography, del Prà arrives at an iconic work, which could refer to a certain action painting, to the black and white works of Emilio Vedova, a beloved painter, whose strong gestures have fascinated Marco since he was a boy. The title of the work and therefore of the ensuing volume is Time is not Counted from Daylight but from Midnight. These are words from a song by the American reggae singer-songwriter Vaughn Benjamin, words listened to obsessively hundreds of times, day after day, that have become part of his poetic research. They speak of light and time, concepts at the basis of photography.


Time is not counted from Daylight but from Midnight

Marco del Pra’ was born in Italy in 1979. He studied photography in Milan and visual communication at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Based in Berlin since 2005, he works as a freelance photographer for international newspapers and magazines as well as on longer photojournalistic projects. He specializes in documentary, portrait and editorial photography. In 2014 he co-authored the award-winning scroll-documentary atterwasch., which was co-produced by Frédéric Dubois and ARTE; among other things it was selected at the Geneva International Film Festival for its Transmedia competition, and was the winner at Germany’s 2014 Lead Awards for Webfeature of the Year.