Laurent Mulot
in Percé

+ – 49° 29’

East of the Percé dock, on the promenade along the sea (historic Charles-Robin sector of Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock National Park) | Percé

Laurent Mulot, Lyon, France |

Described by philosopher Christian Ruby and contemporary art critic Paul Ardenne as an “expeditionary artist,” Laurent Mulot sits at the heart of a strange and poetic network between real and virtual, which he weaves on the planet out of six phantom centers of contemporary art on the six continents…

“Laurent Mulot is creating unprecedented work based on a long-lasting experiment entitled Middle of Nowhere, which has been unfolding since 2001 through sequence shots in which the ‘uncertainties’ of art engage in dialogue with those of science. The realities as we perceive them rub elbows with the neutrino, the Higgs boson and numerous other presences that the artist discovers in his dialogue with scientists. Such is the case with Augenblick, created during a residency on CERN territory (European Organization for Nuclear Research); with Thinkrotron, which saw the light during a residency in Grenoble at the Centre de culture scientifique, technique et industrielle in partnership with the European Synchrotron; and with Aganta Kairos, conceived on the basis of the ANTARES experiment. Middle of Nowhere is a work in progress, the exhibit of which takes the form of varying dimensions, presenting photographs, videos, sculptures, sounds and environments in situ.”

Abdelkader Damani, director of the Fonds régional d’art contemporain Centre, France

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Laurent Mulot is represented by Galerie Françoise Besson in Lyon, France.


+ – 49° 29’

Rencontres hosted Laurent Mulot in May 2015 for a residency in the Gaspé and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence as far as Labrador. During the same period, the French artist presented his exhibit Middle of Nowhere, his generic work, at Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal, in association with Rencontres.

The residency project on the other hand was organized around a series of photos and video and sound recordings. The focus of the work is a series of images and sounds relative to tapings made in Le Havre and on the North Sea, in France (central node of Middle of Nowhere), in the perspective of a diptych, notably around the point of latitude 49°29’ North. The work continued in the fashion of a sea road movie by freighter to Labrador. The residency project is resulting in a triple exhibition: an exhibit in the Gaspé for Rencontres in 2016, where the outdoor installation presented in Percé consists of two videos with sound and a series of 12 photographs on standards; an exhibit at Joyce Yahouda Gallery in Montreal in 2016-2017; and an exhibit at Galerie Françoise Besson in Lyon, France, in 2017.