Fiona Annis
in Carleton-sur-mer


The Stars Are Dead But Their Light Lives On

August 5 to September 3, 2022
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Fiona Annis, Montreal, Québec |

In a dark exhibition space, data processing triggers countless light bulbs to the rhythms of exploding supernova, and the sounds of stars being swallowed by black holes slowly erodes the slick surface of magnetic audiotape. The Stars Are Dead But Their Light Lives On is an exhibition including audio, light and text components that respond to the gap between the death of a star and the cessation of its light. By animating installation components with material drawn from astronomical databases, this work engages in the reinterpretation of specialist knowledge and the potential of repurposing obsolete technologies. By exploring the persisting after-image of a dying star, this project also brings to light the philosophical and ethical implications of how events that appear to be vastly distant, nonetheless have tangible impacts that echo across time.

Exhibition at Rencontres

The Stars Are Dead But Their Light Lives On

Fiona Annis is a Canadian artist whose work explores the enigmatic and mysterious nature of photography. Her practice is not limited to a single technology, method, or subject, but investigates the fundamental elements of photography, such as light, paper, chemistry, and time. She has exhibited in art institutions worldwide, including: the AC Institute (New York City), the Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal), Goldsmith’s University (London), Low Salt Gallery (Glasgow), Museo Novecento (Naples), Gallery44 (Toronto), VU Photo (Québec City) and the Art Gallery of Alberta (Edmonton). Her artwork is featured in the permanent collection of the Museum of Civilization in Québec City, the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, the public art collection of the city of Ottawa, and the Penumbra Foundation in New York City.