Elena Perlino
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Parking lot of the tourist information office | 401 Route 299 | New Richmond
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Elena Perlino, Turin, Italy | elenaperlino.com | picturetank.com

Born in Italy and now living in France, Elena Perlino earned a master’s in Modern Literature.

Since then she has committed herself to documentary photography and personal research projects. She is a recipient of the 2015 Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Grant and the Open Society Foundations Grant.

Elena Perlino carried out an eight-year project focusing on the trafficking of Nigerian women to Italy, and in 2014 published the book Pipeline (Schilt Publishing – André Frère Éditions).

Picturetank, Paris, distributes Perlino’s images.

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The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has declared Nigeria among the eight countries with the highest human trafficking rates.

Italy has an extensive sex industry based on trafficking from Africa, with around 80 percent of trafficked African women coming from the region of Benin City (Edo State, Nigeria).

The visual investigation bears witness to the multiple reasons behind women’s forced or voluntary migration, focusing on the daily life of Nigerian women in Turin, Genoa, Rome, Naples and Palermo.