“République” by Isabelle Hayeur: another life with Éditions Escuminac

“République” by Isabelle Hayeur: another life with Éditions Escuminac

As the end of exhibits in the 7th edition of Rencontres approaches, the new publishing house Escuminac, set up by Rencontres in 2016, reminds readers that it is possible at any time to pick up the work “République” by Québec artist Isabelle Hayeur, which is based on pictures in the exhibition of the same name.

The photobook-publishing wing was in fact added to the activities of Rencontres with a view to extending the exhibits, to diversifying actions taken and to offering artists new distribution platforms.

Invited to do an artist residency in France in the fall of 2015 by our partners Diaphane, Les Photaumnales in Beauvais, Picardy, Isabelle Hayeur found herself wrapped up in the events following the attacks of November 13. Returning to Place de la République every day, she chose to bear witness to the citizens’ movements and visceral reactions often by taking photos on the fly, being careful to always question what she saw without sinking into shallowness.

It is recalled that Isabelle Hayeur’s exhibit République has been presented at Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague until September 23, 2016. It is now possible to purchase a copy of the work of the same name, bilingual French-English ($30, taxes included):

  • By visiting Libraire Liber at 166 Boulevard Perron Ouest in New Richmond;

  • By visiting Centre d’artistes Vaste et Vague at 774 Boulevard Perron in Carleton-sur-mer.

  • By sending a check payable to Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie to 120, 4e Rang Ouest, New Richmond, Québec G0C 2B0, making sure to include your full mailing address.

Also worth seeing: La Fabrique culturelle’s video on Isabelle Hayeur’s République project -video in French-.

Isabelle Hayeur ‘s 2015 art residency in France took place in the framework of the Franco-Québec cooperation project: “the Gaspé–Picardy for Photography”. This project was made possible thanks to the Fonds franco-québécois pour la coopération décentralisée.

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