For this 9th edition, 17 artists gather to focus their reflections on a planetary environment undergoing profound change. Their images are intended to represent rights of reply to chaos as a way, first, of denouncing the flaws and bankruptcies of a fragmented present, but also of feeding those breeches with a highly committed and mindful poetry.

  • Andreas Rutkauskas

  • Collection livres photo

  • Daniel Schwarz

  • Debi Cornwall

  • Elena Perlino

  • Fiona Annis

  • François Quévillon

  • Isabelle Gagné

  • Janie Julien-Fort

  • Martin Becka

  • Mathilde Forest + Mathieu Gagnon

  • Myriam Gaumond

  • Nadav Kander

  • Serge Allaire
    Montréal, Québec
  • Youri Cayron + Romain Rivalan